EastEuroCo at your disposal
for 26 years

Sándor Söpkéz founded EastEuroCo in 1991. Since then he managed more than 500 searches in Hungary and in the region.

We have been operating for more than 26 years as a generalist executive search organization, with huge experience in almost all of the different industries and sectors.


EastEuroCo is a boutique executive search firm. This allows us the flexibility to dedicate greater and more personalized attention, tailored to each client’s specific needs. With no large overhead costs, we are able to offer a more competitive fee arrangement than large search firms. We dedicate the resources, – that other firms rarely can do, – to thoroughly understand the specific needs of each client, allowing for a more specialized and hands-on approach. Each of our searches is managed by a senior partner with the most appropriate expertise to ensure Clients expectations are met.

We have extended our operations to the surrounding countries, including Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, with our local consultants and offices already in the mid 90’s,  and today we service our customers in the whole CEE and Balkan region as well.

We have highly educated and experienced specialized consultants covering different industries and a wide network of fellow consultants and researchers throughout Europe.

Beside the core activity of headhunting, we support our customers with management evaluations, management development programs and interim management as well.

We started a small HR office within the Sóstó Ipari Park in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, to support industrial organization in their smooth development and success.


We have been a good corporate citizen since 1998, when we started to support contemporary artists, by facilitating and supporting exhibitions, and buying pieces of modern art. A decade later we started to support the football and basketball Club of Kaposvár by providing a high tech advanced equipment for healing and regeneration.

Regional experience –
global reach

We have completed more than 1200 orders successfully in Hungary and a more then 200 in the wider region in the past two and a half decades, in very different industries, thus developing a strong generalist profile, and strong industry/sector specific knowledge.

EastEuroCo started its second office in 1992 in Bratislava and expanded operations to Bucharest, Praha, Liublana, Beograd, Zagreb soon. EastEuro d.o.o. with its first office in Ljubljana (1998), and with Beograd office and Zagreb office later, developed to be the leading executive search company in the Adriatic region, and after the sale of EEC’S shares in 2010 operates today under a different name and other umbrella. After the 2008-2014 crises, due to opened borders in Europe, and since internet has revolutionised technologies in our industry, the classical model of operating with filial has been replaced with working with local consultants and research support in CEE.


Global reach

Cornerstone International Group, has more then 100 offices in more than 70 countries , and in a close alliance with CIG we have a secured reach to the most recent innovations and tools, and most importantly international global talent pool.

In the past decades, with our HQ in Budapest, we have supported the expansion of   multinationals having a central cluster seat in country, and also beside them in growing number Hungarian coprorates expanding in the CEE and Balkan regions since their early steps. Our motto is: think global, act local, what we have put in practice in the past 26 years.

Beside our core business of search selection from time to time we support our customers with Management Assessments, Audits, Interim Management, AC/DC-development centers.

Sector and Industry focus
and experiences

EastEuroCo is a generalist firm having completed numerous assignments in the follwing sectors: Automotive, Elctronics, Contract Manufacturing, Food Production, Construction Audit and Tax, Energy, Energetics, Infrastructure /Transportation , ICT, Banking and Fiance Services, FMCG, Media, Trade, and Consulting.


Our consultants maintain a long track in different industries, and focus and specialize for specific industries , and also cooperate with industry experts and follow industry best practicies within Cornerstone Group.

We bring to our clients

Wide long standing proven network in Central-Eastern Europe

Global approach/reach with local action

Values and Integrity

Corporate Responsibilty

High level of professionalism and dedication

26 years of experience and seniority

Our consultants

Sándor Söpkéz

Managing partner, founder

Phone number:  + 36 70 978 2807

E-mail: sandor.sopkez@easteuroco.hu

Among his ancestors you will find dr Francis Chorin senior, industrialist the Chairman and founder of the Assosciation of Hungarian Industrialists (GYOSZ). His grand grand father a proffessor of electrotechnics, served also as rector of Technical University of Budapest. His other grand grand father professor of pedagogy Dr. Ernő Fináczy was rector of Elte University, and head of pedagogy association.


Sándor graduated in 1989 as economist at the Corvinus University of Budapest.

He has served on the Board of  Amcham 1995-2000  and was member of Board of Joint Venture Association in 2000-2006.

Sándor has worked in the past 26 years in different sectors, including production, banking and finance, ICT, Energy, Trading, FMCG, Services.

Speakes English and Portuguese.

Erika Juhász

Partner, senior consultant

Phone number:  + 36 70 978 2800

E-mail: erika.juhasz@easteuroco.hu

Erika graduated as economist in 1989-ben at the Corvinus University of Budapest, specializing for foreign trade, marketing and consumer behaverial.

In 1998 she completed postgraduate education as economiest in organizational management at the Budapest University of Economics. In 2016 she graduated in bibliopactry therapy at the University of Pecs.


She joined one of the first international recruitment agency in 1989 and participated in the promotion and introduction of this new industry, the search and selection services in the market. She joined EastEuroCo in 1996-ban and is a partner since 2001. She has worked in banking, telecom, audit and tax, FMCG and in other fields.


She is guest lecturer at prestigious universities in Hungary, teaching courses in HR, Career Management and Communication.

Besart Kondi

Head of the Western Balkans Desk

Phone number:  + 36 70 367 3217

E-mail: besart.kondi@easteuroco.hu

He was graduated with an excellence award in Political Sciences from the Mediterranean University of Albania.


In his previous position he worked as operations and business development director for a recruitment agency, being in charge of managing the operational and development of the Agency affiliates in the Western Balkans Region and overseas. As a consultant he has worked with Clients in Financial Services, ICT, FMCG and Energy sectors.


Throughout the years he has gained excessive knowledge in Human Resources industry in several fields such as recruitment, talent acquisition, operations, business development, career advice and capacity building.


Besart speaks English and Italian beside Albanian.