Management audit / Assessment

With our tailor-suited complex assesment method, we map up the most important resources of our Client, the competencies, strenghtens, opportunities and risks of its managament team.

As a result of the audit process we re also exploring and present the reserves,and the areas for development of the management team for defining appropriate future development planning.


During the audit process we analyze both individual capabilities and attitude, and   team compatibilty and dynamics. We carefully compile and design methods in consent with our Client to asses the competencies and capabilities of the teams and individuals.

Applied methods are always adjusted, – to the objectives of the audit, – and the capabilities to be assesed, – and the working environment.

Direct search

  • Our Clients most often retain our search services in sensitive and discreet situations, when our clients can be sure, that their interest will represented with utmost care. Thus searches start with a comprehensive market analyzes, which is an art of competitive intelligence effort, demending and experienced competent and dedicated consultant.
  • Launching a search will paralelly include direct research, and discussions with industry experts and opinion leaders, and network scanning.
  • We are availbale to present and discuss our search findings, and industry map with our Clients to resume a tailored suited long-list for in-depht consideration.
  • We are dedicated to find a long term and optimal solution for our partners.
  • We pay high attention to thoroughul referencing of short-listed candidates on a discreet way.
  • Smooth onboarding of candidates and follow up is and integrated part of our efforts and services.

Interim management

Executive interim management is the short-term assignment of a proven heavyweight executive to manage transition, crisis or change within a company. A permanent role may be unnecessary or there may be insufficient time to make a permanent appointment. Internally, there may not be anybody suitable for, or available to take up, the position. Whatever the reason, this is the type of situation where executive interim management could be most valuable.


There are several factors that make interim management the powerful resourcing option that it has become today:

  • Speed. Interim managers can be in place within days as opposed to weeks (essential when time constraints are paramount).
  • Experience. Interim managers will be more than qualified for the position they are taking on and will therefore be stepping down in responsibility. They will also have past experience of similar challenges to the ones they are about to face. In addition to enabling them to have an immediate effect and be productive from the outset, this minimises the risk of things going wrong and, more importantly, ensures success.
  • Objectivity. Unencumbered by any previous involvement in company processes or staff relationships, interim managers provide a fresh perspective and are free to concentrate on what’s best for the business.
  • Accountability. Rather than taking on a purely advisory role (as a management consultant would), interim managers are responsible and accountable line managers who will implement and manage a business or project in their own right.
  • Effectiveness. Operating at or near board-level gives interim managers the authority to effect significant change or transition within a company – unlike a temp, they’re not just there to ‘hold the fort’.
  • Commitment. Interim managers are committed to an interim career. For them, this is never just something they are doing until a suitable permanent position is found. They enjoy the challenge of the different assignments, take great pride in maintaining the highest standards and realise that they are only ever as good as their last job.


There are a number of different business situations that could result in the need for an interim manager. Typically, these could be one or more of the following:

  • Crisis management,
  • Sudden departure,
  • Managing change or transition,
  • MBOs and IPOs,
  • Mergers and acquisitions,
  • Project management.

Assessment Center / Development Center

AC/DC has become one of the most common tools recently to support selection and carrier planning based on using complex tools to evaulate employees and candidates to map up capabilties, competencies, attitude, leadership skills, and personalities, to have an objective analyses.


With AC/DC you can increase your selection success and help to define what developments needs are required to achieve set personal development objectives.


With complex tools that include online testing as well we objectivly map up strenghtens and area for developments among canidates/employees in group working group format.


We tailor suit the AC/DC tasks for specific job requirements in order to have highest similarity with everyday job requirements.